Conditioning and Performance Specialist



Body Mapping

Postural Awareness

Activation of Senso/Neuro Pathways

Balancing Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Systems

Exercise Physiology





Injuries | Acute and Chronic Pain | Muscle Imbalance | Balance | Gait

Range-of-Motion | Prevention | Wellness




Jacqueline A. Doval | DocJackie is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College and
is a licensed chiropractor in the state of Texas. She also has a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology / Cardiac Rehabilitation.



Alternative Health and Wellness?

DocJackie restores the physiological and biomechanical mechanisms of movement with hands-on techniques.  


How long will I be there?

The first session usually takes about an hour. Follow-up sessions are typically about 20 minutes but can vary.


How many visits will I need?

Wellness is an ongoing journey of life. DocJackie's techniques tend to produce immediate results.


Will my insurance cover this?

No. Consult with your HSA and FlexPay provider for reimbursement options or eligibility. Payment is due at the time of service.


Do you take credit cards?

Absolutely! DocJackie accepts all credit cards, checks, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and cash.


Alternative Health & Wellness Center 

DocJackie provides wellness services for Adults, Teens and Children. Her personable approach, professional expertise, and integrative techniques allow for a wellness experience like no other.

In 2011, DocJackie became the first Puertorrican woman to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. (19,341 feet)

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Mobile Services Too!

To book an appointment for DocJackie to come out to you, call or text:

 713-627- WELL  (713-627-9355).


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